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About Me

-Amy Jankauskas -  Buttercream Flower Artist  Cupcake Bouquet Master




Living the sweet life

My name is Amy, I'm married and have one child.  When I started my business, I just primarily focused on creating decorated cookies but soon started to take on cake orders and eventually added dessert table sweets. In 2019 I saw an image on social media of a cupcake bouquet and I became infatuated with them and had to learn all I could about creating these beautiful and amazing edible bouquets.  My true love has always been with buttercream art, so this was perfect for me.   My cupcake bouquet business exploded, and I could no longer keep up with doing cakes, cookies and dessert table treats so I made the decision in June of 2020 to solely focus my business on cupcake bouquets and I haven’t looked back.  I found my niche and I ran with it and have mastered the art of cupcake bouquets

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