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Cancellation Policy / Terms and Conditions

Cancellations made within the 14 days of booked date, will receive a 75% refund or a full credit towards another booking date.  Orders cancelled within 10 days, will receive a   50% refund or full credit towards another booking date.  Orders canceled within 3 days of event, will received a full credit towards another booking date.

Terms and conditions
You agree to text me to confirm my availability before placing any order on my website. Once approved, orders must be placed within 24 hours of approval. If not, you must reconfirm my availability. If you place an order on my website without confirming my availability first, you agree that your order may not be fulfilled if I am not available to complete the order for said date. You also agree that your money will not be refunded but it will be put towards a future order. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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